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We offer the most comprehensive approach to healthcare.


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Evidence-based Protocols

Di Natale Chiropractic + Sports Therapy is unlike any other Chiropractic or manual therapy center in the region. Our protocols are evidence-based, ensuring patients are receiving highest quality chiropractic care to fulfill their needs. Examination and treatment targets function of the musculoskeletal system, alleviating symptoms, improving human performance and preventing injury.

Addressing the “WHY” is our priority – we do not mask symptoms. Often people get relief from therapy, but a few days, months or years after, the same pain returns. Getting to the root of the problem is our goal and then doing what it takes to correct it.

Di Natale Chiropractic + Sports Therapy prides itself on closely with medical doctors, physical therapists, dentists, and other specialties, when deemed necessary. It is our priority to ensure patients are receiving the healthcare they require for their primary complaints.



Di Natale Chiropractic + Sports Therapy
13831 Riverside Drive. East., Unit #3
Windsor, Ontario
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Monday 9am – 12pm 1:30pm – 6pm
Tuesday 8am – 12pm 1:30pm – 5pm
Wednesday 9am – 12pm
Thursday 9am – 12pm 1:30pm – 6pm
Friday 8am – 12pm 1pm – 4pm
Saturday 9am – 12pm

*Di Natale Chiropractic + Sports Therapy will be open 1 Saturday per month*